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Third District Court Judge Pat B. Brian postponed a hearing Friday in which B.T. Price is protesting the way the Democratic Party replaced Dave Watson on the ballot with Riverton Mayor Dale Gardiner.

Price told the court he was ill-prepared because he could not find affordable legal counsel and requested a two-week continuance to amend the situation. Price was accompanied by Joseph Stumph, a Republican candidate for the state Legislature and a co-complainant.Dennis Haslam, attorney for Gardiner, felt there was not sufficient cause to postpone the hearing, citing additional expenses and a delay in preparing Gardiner's campaign for Watson's Salt Lake County Commission seat.

Price was prepared to challenge Watson, the incumbent, for the nomination during the party's county convention. But Watson was arrested May 15 and later convicted of drunken driving and two misdemeanor drug charges.

Democrats then made it clear they did not want Price to represent the party on the ballot and replaced Watson with Gardiner, who then beat Price for the nomination.