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Salt Lake County Commissioner Bart Barker has announced the formation of five task forces to study Salt Palace development.

The Salt Palace Feasibility Task Force, appointed by the board of county commissioners and chaired by Truman Clawson, will coordinate and oversee the efforts of four specialized groups, each of whom will be given specific charges and responsibilities.The members of the Feasibility Task Force include, in addition to Clawson, Spencer Eccles, Jack Gallivan, Ken Knight, Randall Mackey, Tony Rampton, Nick Rose, Dick Galbraith, Jon Huntsman, Larry Lunt, Wm. James Mortimer, Dave Richards and John Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, director of the county's Department of Administrative Services, will serve as executive director of the task force.

The four specialized groups include:

-The Concepts and Options Committee, chaired by Lunt, will explore and recommend the types of services and programs the Salt Palace should provide and from what facilities they should be provided.

-The Configuration and Cost Committee, headed by Richards, will recommend locations and facilities that can accommodate the functions proposed by the Concepts and Options Committee and estimate development costs.

-The Finance Committee, chaired by Knight, will propose methods of funding the construction and operation of the facilities recommended by the Configuration and Costs Committee.

-The Management Committee, led by Galbraith, will suggest how existing and future Salt Palace facilities should be managed.

Salt Lake County will retain an outside consultant to assist all committees in the preparation of their final reports and recommendations.

The deadline for submission of final reports to the Salt Lake County Commissioners is Oct. 31.