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A horse-drawn wagon that appeared in the burning-of-Atlanta scene in the movie "Gone with the Wind" will be up for sale Saturday, along with the buckboard from the TV series "The Rifleman." The "Gone with the Wind" water wagon was seen dashing across the street behind Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Also on the auction block alongside other props in Golden, Colo., will be a gypsy wagon used in a few Laurel and Hardy movies.The items will be among an assortment of 23 Hollywood horsedrawn hitches and other Old West paraphernalia.

Joe and Anna Belle Nimmo, who have been collecting horsedrawn carriages for years, are selling out and everything must go.

"We no longer have the strength to take care of them," said Mrs. Nimmo. "It's just become a bit much. My husband is 70, and I'm 49. We don't want them to disintegrate, and we want people to take care of them.

For a few years, the Nimmos rented their carriages for parades and weddings. When they tired of hauling the carriages around town they built and Old West town facade on their 12 1/2-acre ranch and started filming TV commercials.

Also for sale are a mint condition Hollywood stage coach, used in an unknown number of Westerns; the coronation coach that carried Norma Shearer in the 1938 movie "Marie Antoinette," and a landau that carried participants in Queen Elizabeth II's real coronation parade in 1952.