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25 years ago

The Church was experiencing explosive growth in construction of meeting-houses in Europe, it was reported July 13, 1963, in the Church News.

In 1963 there were 85 chapels under construction in Great Britain, and 142 buildings going up throughout Europe, reported Wendell B. Mendenhall, chairman of the Church Building Committee.

Mendenhall returned to Salt Lake City in July from the third annual Building Missionary Conference, conducted in Derby, England, under the direction of Elder Mark E. Petersen of the Council of the Twelve and president of the West European Mission


Quotes from the past

"None of the callings or positions in the priesthood are intended for the personal benefits, emoluments and fame of those who hold them, but are expressly given to fulfill the purposes of our Heavenly Father and build up the kingdom of God upon the earth. "We are not to assume to be lords over God's heritage; but with all our powers, we are to seek to understand the will of God, and then carry it out; and see that it is carried out by those over whom we have the charge.

"In our positions we are called to set an example, worthy of all men's imitation, to cultivate in our lives the principles of righteousness, honesty, purity, truthfulness and integrity.

"We are placed upon the earth to be men of integrity - to be true men in every sense of the word. . . . God has committed into our hands the principles of righteousness, and he expects us to carry them out. . . . - President John Taylor, special meeting for priesthood leaders, Feb. 23, 1878.