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And let every man deal honestly, and be alike among this people, and receive alike, that ye may be one, even as I have commanded you. (D&C 51:9.)

While living on Okinawa as a military family, we had many choice experiences with fellow Church members, military families and the Okinawan people.

One afternoon my husband and I, along with a couple of our children, were shopping at a small nursery in a village a few miles from our home on Kadena Air Base. We selected items for our garden and a large pot for a house plant.

The nursery owner, an elderly Okinawan gentleman, totaled our bill on some paper by the cash register. We paid this amount in yen and left.

At home, I added up the items to see what they had cost in American money. I soon realized that the nursery owner had not charged us enough to cover everything.

A few days later I returned to the nursery. Luckily for me, as I don't speak Japanese, the paper was still by the cash register. I pointed to it and made the owner understand that there was an error.

He re-added the column, and I handed him the additional yen. As I returned to my car and opened the door to get in, he opened the back door of my car and placed a beautiful house plant, worth much more than the error had been, on the back seat. He then closed the car door, bowed politely and said, "arigato," or "thank you," several times.

Now, some 14 years later, I have a special memory of a kindly Okinawan gentleman and his gratitude for a small act of honesty.