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100 years ago

Priesthood holders of the Salt Lake Stake gathered Aug. 4, 1888, in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square, under the direction of stake president Angus M. Cannon, reported the Aug. 7, 1888, Deseret News.

"The importance of the saints to live up to every duty and requirement was strongly advocated," according to the article. "The bishops were particularly enjoined to see that no person suffers for any of the necessaries of life," and ward teachers received admonition "with regard to their calling in the priesthood."

Bishops also were encouraged to submit reports on the organizations within their wards. They were told the reports should be "furnished immediately, and that they be correct in every particular."

Quotes from the past

"I come here now with my brethren that you may understand what is required of you as a people under the peculiar conditions in which the Church is now placed. . . . The word of the Lord to you is not anything new; it is simply this: The time has now come for every Latter-day Saint, who calculates to be prepared for the future and to hold his feet strong upon a proper foundation, to do the will of the Lord and to pay his tithing in full.

"After I leave you and you get to thinking about this, you will see yourselves that the time has come when every man should stand up and pay his tithing in full.

"The Lord has blessed us and has had mercy upon us in the past; but there are times coming when the Lord requires us to stand up and do that which He has commanded and not leave it any longer.

"What I say to you in this stake of Zion I will say to every stake of Zion that has been organized. There is no man or woman that now hears what I am saying who will feel satisfied if he or she fails to pay a full tithing." - President Lorenzo Snow at May 18, 1899, session of stake conference in St. George, Utah.