People who live on corner lots in Bountiful may need to get out their tree and bush clippers as a result of a new ordinance passed by the Bountiful City Council recently.

The new ordinance requires that corner lot owners at intersections with stop signs, yield signs or traffic lights must keep a triangular area 30 feet from corner curb clear of fences, bushes and shrubs. At intersections with no traffic signals, owners must keep a triangular area 40 feet from the corner curb clear.Solid fences, shrubs and bushes within those limits can be only 2 feet high; chain link fences can be only 4 feet high; and trees will have to be trimmed to 7 feet above the ground.

Council members hope the new ordinance will improve visibility and traffic safety at intersections. Violation of the ordinance could result in a Class B misdemeanor citation.