Salt Lake City and Provo are being considered for regional Sears Roebuck and Co. telephone-catalog ordering center that would employ up to 1,000 full- or part-time workers, a company official says.

A Utah facility would be the fifth of nine ordering centers being built nationwide, a spokesman said.Three already have been opened in Roanoke, Va.; San Antonio, Texas; Greensboro, N.C.; and a fourth will open at Mobile, Ala.

The centers, using latest computer technology, are consolidating services once provided by the individual stores. Seasonally, they will employ up to 1,000 on a part-time basis, generally students and retired military personnel, the spokesman said

Sears was founded as a mail-order company in 1886. Catalog orders accounted for about $3.5 billion of its $28.1 billion in merchandise sales last year.

Sears issues a yearly catalog of about 760 pages containing goods not affected by seasonal change such as automotive, hardware and home appliances. Semi-annually it issues spring-summer and fall-winter catalogs of more than 1,000 pages which feature items more subject to change.