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A motion for mistrial in the Singer-Swapp case was withdrawn by a defense lawyer Thursday, so the defendants will be sentenced Friday as scheduled.

Sentencing begins at 8:30 a.m. for Addam Swapp, Vickie Singer, John Timothy Singer and Jonathan Swapp. They face a series of sentences for crimes committed during their 13-day standoff with officers at their homestead in Marion, Summit County, in January, as well as the shoot-out that ended the siege and in which corrections Lt. Fred House was killed.The mistrial motion was filed by a defense lawyer John Bucher, citing a claim that a juror may have researched a legal question on his own and then asked a policeman for an opinion about it during the trial. Although the motion has been withdrawn, it might be refiled during the appeals process.

When the motion was pending, another defense lawyer, Kathryn Collard, said she was not aware of it but had heard a story about the juror's supposed actions.

Assuming the contentions are correct, the judge would have to determine if the juror's conduct changed the verdict.