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A 26-year-old convicted rapist, while insisting on his own innocence, told the Utah Board of Pardons that rape should be punishable by death.

Darryl K. Bossert, serving a minimum-mandatory 10-years-to-life term at the Utah State Prison for aggravated sexual assault, was convicted in the 1986 rape of a 21-year-old woman he met at a party.During a recent parole hearing, Board of Pardons Chairwoman Victoria Palacios noted that two of Bossert's sisters were present and asked Bossert how he would react if one of them were raped.

"It's hard to say," he said.

"Would a 10-year minumum sentence be appropriate?" Palacios asked.

"Yeah, but I'd take different measures," Bossert replied. "He should be shot."

"Should you be shot?" asked Palalcios.

"No," said Bossert, who has maintained his innocence and is currently appealing his conviction.

Because of the court-ordered 10-year minimum sentence, the parole board may not release Bossert before he has served 10 years. The board ordered Bossert to appear before them again in August 1996.

Bossert also is serving three consecutive six-month terms for distributing drugs for value and two theft by receiving convictions that are unrelated to the rape.

Although he denies any wrongdoing, Bossert said he has enrolled in sex therapy sessions because "people said it was a good idea to get in a program."

However, Palacios said the therapy would not benefit Bossert if he was doing it "just to please the board."