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Touched by the scriptures

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Thus Statan thinketh to overpower your testimony in this generation, that the work may not come forth in this generation. (D&C 10:33.)

During months and even years of struggling with home and family problems that ended in divorce and now life as single parent with six children, along with a chronic illnes, prayer has always been my strength and solace.When my illness flared up unbearably this time, I again went to the Lord. I had always received peace and help through prayer, so it came as quite a shock when the feelings I had were of darkness and depression. The depression I experienced filled me with doubt, and I began second guessing my parental decidions, my ability to work in my church callings and I found it difficult to feel any selfworth.

After several weeks of this heaviness, I decided to fast and pray. Every time I passed my bedroom, I knelt, and when I wasn't kneeling I carried a paryer in my heart. Praying fervently, I asked Heavenly Father to remove this negativism from me. As I knelt a final time that night, I realized that everything seemed lighter and brighter. I stopped in my conversation with Heavenly Father to savor the feeling and then to thank Him.

A thought came to my mind. Satan wants us to question our testimonies. He wants us to quit teaching our children, to walk away from stewardships, and to have self-doubt. This will slow down the work in our generation. I feel it is in the home that God's strength will have its greatest effect for the future.