If you've donated blood at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Blood Bank eight times, you qualify to help celebrate "Gallon Day" from 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 13 in the hospital's Clark Auditorium.

The UVRMC Blood Bank is hosting "Gallon Day" as a way to thank the hundreds of blood donors who have donated a gallon of blood or more during the past several years."To have donated one gallon of blood they would have had to donate to the blood bank at least eight times," said Karen Tribett, donor coordinator. "We have special feeling for these people who have taken that much time to come in and donate blood. We're glad they've made a habit of it, and now we want to honor them."

Although reservations are not required, Tribett said it would be helpful if people planning to attend call the blood bank, 379-7021.