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Debra Lynne Olson,Holladay, is the sweepstakes winner in the canning division of the Utah State Fair and won the same honor in the Salt Lake County Fair. Olson submitted 50 entries, the maximum that could be entered in the state fair, but she canned more than 70 items. "I'm impressed. She does quality work," said Reta Bevan, assistant supervisor over canning, baking and candy at the state fair. A nurse practitioner at Primary Children's Medical Center, Olson comes from a long line of canners but got a late start herself. "I work full-time at the hospital so this is a hobby for me. Canning is wonderful. There's nothing like home-canned fruits and vegetables, especially in the winter." There are five different categories in the state fair, and Olson entered something in every category. Of the 50 items she entered, 41 received ribbons, with 16 of the 41 receiving first place. Bevan also applauded the work of essica Downs,11, daughter of harlotteand len Downs,Murray, and who was the only youth to enter the division. A sixth-grader at Liberty Elementary School, Jessica received the Ball (Canning Co.) Award in the youth division. Bevan said she and others in the canning division would like to see more youths enter food they have canned.