To the editor:

As the president of the Utah Head Injury Association, I was very interested in the article published Aug. 26 concerning the young cyclist Russ Anderson. We are thrilled with his remarkable recovery and wish him and his family continued success.We hope this article will impress upon everyone who reads it the importance of wearing a safety helmet whether you are riding a motorcycle or a bicycle.

We would also like to point out that there are many head injury victims who are not as fortunate as Russ. There are approximately 200,000 head injuries a year in the United States, and a head injury survivor often requires five to 10 years of intensive rehabilitation with long-term follow up. The cost of this rehabilitation can run into the millions.

Head injury kills more Americans under the age of 34 than all causes combined and has claimed more lives since the turn of the century than all U.S. wars combined. Obviously, this problem needs to be addressed by every community. It also should be noted that there is only one cure for head injury - prevention.

If you are interested in helping or if you or a loved one are having difficulties because of a head injury feel free to call the Utah Head Injury Association at 484-2240. At last, someone cares!

Gayle Engh

Utah Head Injury Association