It was no real surprise that Tuesday's Davis School Board primary races were both surprising and predictable.

In hotly contested Precinct 1 race, incumbent Ray Briscoe, a Bountiful statistician, had predicted that he and Wayne O. Westergard would run off in November. He was exactly right as he received 31 percent of the vote and Westergard 23 percent.Briscoe said he will run a campaign directed at defeating the tax initiatives and bringing more decision-making power to local schools. At the same time Westergard, a Woods Cross resident, said after Briscoe's two terms "it is time for a change."

The precinct comprises southeast Bountiful, North Salt Lake, West Bountiful, Woods Cross and nearby unincorporated areas.

It was a close race in Precinct 2 and a surprise for Dan R. Eastman. Eastman said he had conducted a campaign poll that indicated Matt Galt lead by a wide margin among voters. But Galt came in last. Eastman and Shauna Nakaya, both Bountiful residents, will square off in the general election. Nakaya led Eastman with 37 percent of the vote.

Eastman, who owns an automobile dealership, said he will make his plan to manage the school district like an efficient business.

"I want to assure a strong fiscal policy and establish expenditure priorities," he said.

Nakaya, director of the Davis County PTA, said that her past involvement with the district places her at an advantage.

"Because of my level of involvement I would be able to contribute immediately," she said.

Precinct 2 comprises all of Bountiful except seven voting districts in the city's southeast section.

In another surprise in Precinct 3, longtime county and regional PTA director Edrice Christensen garnered the fewest votes of any of the four candidates. Lynn L. Summerhays received the highest number of votes - 1,892 or 44 percent - of any of the county school board primary races. Newell J. Law, a long-time Davis County resident, received 22 percent of the vote.

Summerhays, a Farmington resident, said he still considers himself an underdog against Law. He said he plans to make increasing public involvement in education one of his top campaign issues.

Law, a Fruit Heights resident, said he was surprised at the results, noting he hasn't campaigned much for the office. He wants to improve schools so students aren't "afraid of being compared" and are involved more in the learning process.

Precinct 3 covers Centerville, Farmington, Fruit Heights, Kaysville and south Layton.

Several Davis County residents who had filed as candidates later withdrew from the race. In Precinct 1, Lucene C. Hougaard withdrew, but her name still was on the ballot.

In Precinct 3, the names of Hyrum W. Smith, Dennis B. Knoles and Stanley Gardner were not on the ballot.