Lt. Gov. S.B. Woo squeezed out a 71-vote victory Thursday in a re-count in Delaware's Democratic U.S. Senate primary race, five days after a clerical error left his opponent claiming to be the winner.

Woo and his challenger, civil activist Samuel S. Beard, requested the re-count after it was discovered Monday that 2,800 more votes than were actually cast in Saturday's primary had been credited to Beard.Beard had claimed victory, thinking he had received 22,418 votes to Woo's 19,624.

But a two-day re-count completed and certified early Thursday gave Woo a 71-vote margin of victory, or 20,225 votes to 20,154.

The primary winner will challenge Republican U.S. Sen. William V. Roth Jr. in November. Roth, who had no primary opponent, is seeking a fourth term.