The U.S. Postal Service is looking around Layton for a site for a temporary auxiliary station to relieve overcrowding at its pres-ent station, a Postal Service official said this week.

City officials have indicated the Postal Service is also considering sites for a new, expanded post office to serve the city. It would be the second new post office in Davis County in a year, with the Kaysville facility currently under construction on that city's Main Street.Layton Postmaster Dennis Yuhl said the study in his city currently is limited to existing buildings that could be remodeled into a post office substation.

In a letter to Mayor Richard McKenzie, Yuhl asked for community suggestions and offered to meet with local officials to review the Postal Service's preliminary plans.

In addition to being overcrowded, city officials believe the current post office on Gentile Street east of Main Street presents a traffic hazard with the volume of vehicles trying to get in and out of the site.

Yuhl said at this stage, the Postal Service is reviewing growth factors, size requirements, potential locations, and local traffic, geographical and environmental conditions.

Yuhl said the Postal Service needs about 1,200 square feet of building space on a site big enough to provide off-street parking for customers, employees and postal vehicles.

The area receiving most consideration is between 20th North and U-232 from Fourth West to U-91.