Would-be LSD users may get an unexpected trip, straight to the hospital, Orem police warned Thursday.

Detective Ned Jackson, with the Orem Department of Public Safety, said a 17-year-old Mountain View High School student went into a severe seizure after taking some apparently contaminated LSD Thursday morning, and police officials are concerned that more of the contaminated LSD has been circulated in the area."We don't know how much of it is out there, a thousand hits or just a couple," Jackson said. "We don't know if it's from a local lab or out of state."

The student was in stable condition Thursday afternoon at Orem Community Hospital but was still high from the LSD. "The LSD was on gray blotter paper and folded in a small square," Jackson said. "The boy put the LSD in his mouth, immediately realized something was wrong and spit it out." However, Jackson said he still ingested enough to cause the seizure.

"We have not received results back from the lab yet to determine what is contaminating the LSD, but we are concerned that others may not be as lucky as this boy," Jackson said.

He asked that anyone who may have information that would help the police investigation call the Orem Department of Public Safety, 224-7070.