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The state Fine Arts Division could save about $30,000 if it stopped printing elaborate brochures, according to a legislative audit.

Despite efforts to cut costs, the division spends at least twice as much on printing as do similar divisions in other states, said the audit, released Friday. One reason is the division hires several designers - one for each project.Rep. Jack DeMann, R-Salt Lake, said he is concerned about the apparent waste.

DeMann said "$30,000 doesn't sound like a lot, but it could be much better used in another area." DeMann is a member of the legislative subcommittee that received the report Friday.

Other committee members suggested the division use inexpensive paper and only black and white photographs.

Division Director Carol Nixon, in a letter attached to the report, said she has asked other western states for information on their printing costs. The Arts Council Board will make the final decision on how to cut costs, she said.

The report, prepared by the legislative auditor general's office, found little else wrong with the division and asked state lawmakers to continue funding it.