The year of A.D. 34 was the most prolific year for scribes of the Book of Mormon. In her book, Finding Christ Through the Book of Mormon, Susan Easton Black noted that 37 pages of the Book of Mormon were written about events in A.D. 34.

"In this year, the resurrected LordT visited the house of Joseph," wrote Sister Black, a BYU associate professor of Church history and doctrine."The account of this visit is the very centerpiece of the book. The prophets of the Book of Mormon wanted us to enjoy the privilege of learning of this event, for in that year a remnant of the house of Joseph saw, heard, and touched the resurrected Lord and knew, without doubt, the perfect model to follow in their quest for eternal life.

"Previously, the privilege of knowing, seeing, and touching the mortal Jesus was limited to persons in the eastern hemisphere. But they did not know with the same sure knowledge of Deity experienced by the people in Bountiful. There in the eastern hemisphereT He appeared as a mortal man; here, as a resurrected God. . . .

"The events of A.D. 34 in the western hemisphere will be surpassed only by the events of the year of the second coming of the Savior."