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Student leaders say they will launch an informational and voter registration campaign this fall to encourage all 12,000 Weber State College students to go to the polls and cast ballots against proposed tax limitation and rollback initiatives.

"We'll be pleading with them to vote `no,"' said Stephanie Jessen, president of the WSC Associated Students.Jessen said the anti-initiative campaign has been dubbed HERO, standing for Higher Education Rescue Operation.

Oct. 10-14 will be voter registration week on campus, she said, and there also will be absentee ballot drives.

The State Tax Commission estimates the initiatives could cost state and local governments $326 million in tax revenues. That would mean a $4 million cut to Weber State's budget.

Jessen said there will be an on-campus debate on the initiatives, and student and college leaders will be available to give presentations about the issue. Booths will be set up around campus to provide information.

Speakers also will be available to address the issue in WSC classes or at gatherings, she said.

Jessen said both sides of the initiatives' issue will be presented.