These are some of the reactions to Albert Goldman and his new book, "The Lives of John Lennon":

--Columnist Bob Greene: Goldman is "a sad, pitiable parasite...a contemptible ghoul. Goldmand does this only to dead people. The law says you can't libel a dead person. I suppose if you're willing to devote six years trying to come up with information that will destroy a person's reputation'll come out on the other end with a book. It doesn't make you nay less of a hateful parasite."

--Paul McCartney: "I urge people to boycott this book, which in my opinion lis nothing more than a piece of trash. I hope I can give some words of comfort to Sean, Julian, Yoko, John's Aunt Mimi, his other relatives and the public at large when I assure them that John was a great man, at times wild and wacky, but always deep down a wonderful human being."

--Elliot Mintz, Lennon confidant: "Once a publisher gives you a $50,000 advance, you've got to deliver something. And the kind of material Goldman delivers is sex-and-dope journalism. That shouldn't come as a bulleting to anyone."

--Chet Flippo, author, Lennon friend and former Rolling Stone editor: "Alot of it really struck me as though he's living out his fantasies --the whit panties in the Elvis book, the excessive violent side of John. He really harps on it. It really has nothing to do with the subject as much as it does with the author."

--Dave Marsh, rock critic and author of biographies on Bruce Springsteen, The Who and Michael Jackson: "It's really piece of filth; it's riddled with lies and contradictions. Goldman apparently has no shame, but the people at Morrow (publishers of the book) should hang their heads. Goldman has made his money, and I hope now will retire into silence. I just hope I have the same opportunity to dance on his grave the way he did to John Lennon."