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Four patients at Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center's inpatient unit moved into the center's newest facilities last week at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

"It was a pleasant move and was handled easily," said Dr. Ted Terry, crisis director and administrator of Timp Mental Health Adult Psychiatry at UVRMC. "There weren't any actual problems with disrupting patients . . . or with treatment and care."Clark Caras, an assistant in the public relations office at UVRMC, said the hospital is also working to help ease the transition and make it as smooth as possible.

The new facilities will house up to 13 patients. Five beds will be available for indigent patients, and the rest will be open for patients with third-party resources for payment.

Since patients at the inpatient unit come involuntarily to the hospital, some Timp employees expressed concern about security and patient visibility at the hospital, but Terry said the patients' dignity will be protected.

"Arrangements were made for a private entry into the hospital away from visitors," he said. "They will use a traffic route that is not frequently used even by staff."

Employees of the previous inpatient unit were also concerned that the move to UVRMC would cost them their jobs, but Terry said those who wanted to stay at the unit or with Timp Mental Health were able to find a job.

"It worked out very well," he said. "The hospital opened up the positions and five of our employees came over as hospital employees. The others were absorbed into other jobs at the center."

The only employees who did not continue with the center or the inpatient unit were ones who chose not to, he said.

Dr. Richard Spencer, reinstated as an employee at the center after investigations and a hearing by the Timp Mental Health Authority Board, will work half time at the inpatient unit at UVRMC until January. He will then go full time at another hospital.