A purge of unpopular military officers, some accused of links to the feared Tontons Macoutes, spread in the Haitian provinces on Wednesday as troops in the capital rounded up commanders and took them to army headquarters.

Independent Radio Haiti reported two people were killed and four wounded in fighting between rival groups of soldiers and civilians in the towns of Jacmel and Saint-Marc as the effects of a weekend military coup by young soldiers spread throughout the country.Catholic Radio Soleil said prisoners killed a fellow inmate in the northern town of Cap Haitien after being released by troops who also arrested their commander. It said another prisoner, a known member of the Tontons Macoutes, refused to leave the jail for fear of being lynched by waiting crowds.

In the capital, attention centered on the army's headquarters, where a procession of unpopular officers was brought in during the day by young soldiers from the provinces who had stripped them of their commands.

Radio Haiti said two officers based at the headquarters were forced out of the building at gunpoint, told they had been retired and ordered by their subordinates to go home.

Across the road at the presidential palace, where Saturday's coup by troops of the presidential guard took place, the atmosphere was relaxed.

Civilians milled around in the guard room, but an aide to the new president, General Prosper Avril, prevented access to Sergeant Joseph Hebreux, the coup leader who remains inside the building with his colleagues.

Leftist leader Evans Paul, who met Avril and Hebreux on Wednesday to discuss holding a demonstration in support of the coup, said it appeared the sergeant was acting as vice president.