Sixth District Judge Louis G. Tervort has issued a summary judgment enjoining Manti City from collecting assessments from four property owners on 7th North in Manti.

The property owners had contested the city's establishment of a special improvement district covering the installation of curb and gutter and asphalt surface from U.S. Highway 89, where it enters the city, to 2nd West.In addition to several private owners, the LDS Church, the South Sanpete School District, Sanpete County and Manti City own property in the special improvement district.

Thomas A. Henretty, Carol B. Maynes, Cecil L. and Ann V. Buzzo and Rosedith Nielson, plaintiffs in the case, contested the city's establishment of the district on a number of grounds.

One cause they listed was that the Church is a charitable organization and so should not have been allowed to vote on the establishment of the district.

Tervort ruled against the plaintiffs on that issue.

The plaintiffs also claimed that Manti City had not given proper notice of its intention to establish the district, an issue that Tervort agreed with.