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Reading And They Came To Pass is almost as much fun as it was watching BYU's six All-American quarterbacks win football games in the 1970s and 1980s. Author Lee Benson writes about these well-known athletes in a warm, flowing style that makes it difficult to put down. In fact, Benson's neighborly way of telling the stories behind these football players expands the book's audience to non-sports fans.

The book takes the reader from the granstands to the field and gives insight to the events and people associated with BYU's rise to football success. the author traces the quarterbacks' stories from childhood and shows the ingredients leading to each of the athlete's success in football.Several anecdotes bring each athlete to life. For example, Gary Sheide went to BYU because of the fishing, Gifford Nielsen was lucky to get BYU to recruit him, Marc Wilson's broken jaw helped BYU sign him, Jim McMahon won a bet on a punt, Steve Young played for "The Lousy Bunch," and Robbie Bosco was once addicted to "General Hospital." Benson has done his homework, making And They Came To Pass worth "the price of admission." K.S.