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The Savior gave 80 references on how to worship ‘our Father’

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"Our religion class at BYU had sought to follow President Ezra Taft Benson's cousel to not only read but also to study and ponder the book of Mormon," said Lynn Tyler, one of the teachers.

"We had felt humbled by the Savior's teachings to the Nephite people at Bountiful (in 3 Nephi, chapter 11-13), as to the law of the Lord, which became clearer and more possible to live in a telestial world."We were impressed by how frequently the Son referred to and taught concerning His Father, our Father in Heaven.

"We stopped a few moments and purposefully counted the number of times, with several perspectives, the Savior referred and deferred to His Father. A powerful lesson became plain as we saw that about 80 references were given by Jesus to the Nephites in five chapters (3 Nephi 17-21), instructing us all how to worship our Father. It struck us that we can fully trust the Father because the Son showed us how and why.

Some of us are more fully pursuing that important understanding, as we re-study the Book of Mormon and better learn how to worship and to follow the Savior's admonition that we 'must always pray unto the Father in my name,' (3 Ne. 18:19), even as in baptism and in the sacrament we 'witness unto the Father that ye do always remember me.' (3 Ne. 18:11.)"