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North America Northwest Area

Smallest ward, two teams

OAK HILLS, ORE. - The smallest ward in the Cedar Mill Oregon Stake has fielded two men's softball teams for the past five years. And both teams from the ward have been successful on and off the field. through the years, five persons have been baptized and several members reactivated, due in part to their participation in the softball program. One of those baptized, Jack Hull, came up with the idea to start a "fun" team five years ago. Last year the "fun," or blue team defeated the ward's other squad, the green team, to win stake and multi-regional tournaments. This year the green team won the titles and the blue team took second in both competitions.

North America Northeast Area

Singles sail in harbor lights

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Near where Sam Brannan's 238 saints embarked for California in 1846, nearly four times that number of modern-day members of the Church boarded ship on Sept. 10 for a cruise around Manhattan Island. the annual harbor light cruise is sponsored by New York Stake singles and last year attracted over 800 members from throughout the East Coast. The ship followed the East, Harlem and Hudson rivers, circling Manhattan island and giving a changing view of the city's evening skyline. there was dancing on two decks, according to Kelly Humphreys and Craig Anderson, organizers.

North America Central Area

Temple closing emotional time

CHICAGO, ILL. - Two hundred forty-seven ordinace workers and employees at the Chicago Temple met Aug. 29 at a stake center here for a farewell dinner. The temple was closed Sept. 3 for remodeling and expansion. "it was a very emotional time for all, many being together for three or more years," said Donald J. Kabitzke, a temple worker. "Some will be moving on to the Atlanta, Denver and Washington temples to finish out their missionary assignments. One thing I shall always remember is the deep love and affection expressed by those who were saying goodbye." Members of the recently released temple presidency bore their testimonies, and the new presidency was introduced. the remodeled temple will include expanded ordinance rooms, a 42 seat cafeteria, better dressing rooms, and a behive clothing store.

North America Southeast Area

Flowering grounds win award

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. - The fort Lauderdale Florida Stake center recently won the P.L.A.N.T. Award, which the city of Fort Lauderdale gives each year for buildings with outstanding architecture and landscaping. the building is surrounded by green and flowering shrubbery. "Since South Florida is at sea level, the land is built up by digging canals and ponds," said Joan P. Brugger, Plantation Ward pubic communications director. "We are bordered on either side by a canal, and there is a large pond in front of the building. People passing by can't help but notice the beauty in the landscaping and architecture."

North America West Area

Clean-up removes eyesore

SANDIEGO, CALIF. - An old trash trailer dumped into the Linda Vista Canyon caused what residents felt was a real eyesore. Jerry Larimore, a high councilor in the San Diego California North Stake, organized a clean-up day for Church members and other people living in the area. Armed with "I Love a Clean Sand Diego" bags, volunteers descended on the canyon, picking up litter. The debris was hauled away by a large dump truck provided by the city.

Utah North Area

Hike tests endurance

COALVILLE, UTAH - For their summer activity, the Young Women in the Coalville Stake spent four days and three nights in the Grand Canyon backpacking. The girls and their adult leaders climbed form the north rim to the south rim carrying packs that ranged in wight from 25 to 55 pounds, siad regional public communications director kathy Richins. Everyone enjoyed the activity and learned a lot about physical and mental endurance, Sister Richins said.

Europe Area

Poetry contest sponsored

SIRACUSA, ITALY - Women and children throughout Italy participated in a national poetry contest held in connection with the recent 10th anniversary of the italy Catania Mission. Sponsored by the Catania District Relief Society and Church's Italian public Communications Department, the contest concluded with an awards ceremony in Siracusa attended by more than 300 people. The seesion included talks on the ability of poetry to enhance spirituality and family values. In addition to entrants' school teachers and principals, artists and representatives of cultural associations attended the ceremony.

Asia Area

President keeps busy

SINGAPORE - While all mission presidents are busy, Pres. Robert W. Houghton of the Singapore Mission may find his schedule fills more rapidly than some. "Our mission covers Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore," he said. "We have roughly 1 billionpeople in the mission. That's 20 percent of the world's population. We have no problem having nothing to do." He said those in the mission believe that "big things are on the threshold of happening. We feel such a privilege to be here now."

Philippines/Micronesia Area

Follow-up boosts activity

CEBU, PHILIPPINES - Six months ago the Philippines Cebu Mission started a reactivation and retention effort patterned after a similar program working successfully in the Philippines Baguio Mission. Reports of the program from stake, ward and branch leaders in the mission have been positive, said elder Jonathan Flake of Mesa, Ariz., Secretary to Pres. C. Elliot Richards. "We track the progress of newly baptized members for six months," Elder Flake said. From the information comiled by the stakes and the mission, Church leaders here have been better able to follow up on whether new members have received the priesthood, callings and acceptance in their wards and branches.

Pacific Area

30th anniversary celebration

SUVA, FIJI - The Suva Fiji Stake and the Fiji Suva Mission will commemorate on Oct. 20-23 the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the first LDS meetinghouse in Fiji, said stake Pres. Ignosi Naga. President David O. McKay dedicated the building in 1958. The celebration will include the LDS Technical College Band leading youths in a march around the meetinghouse. A talk will be given about early members of the Church in Fiji, and there will also be a cultural program by members and special events presented by the Relief Society. A fireside and missionary displays will complete the commemorative events.

South America North Area

Mission building program

LOJA, ECUADOR - The first large meetinghouse in this city will soon be completed as part of a building program of the Milagro District, according to Pres. J. Lynn Shawcroft. "The members are faithful, and the local brethren are willing to donate labor to complete the building," he said. "in spite of all the obstacles, Loja will soon have a full-sized meetinghouse." Another two sites have been purchased for buildings in other parts of the mission, said Pres. Shawcroft.

Brazil Area

New mission creates district

BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL - Two months after it was created, the Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission has grown by a district, according to Elder Jude Willoughby, assistant to Pres. Nivio Barella Alcover. The new district was formed Sept. 18 and has some 1,300 members in four branches. According to missionaries, the new district was created as a result of steady growth over a period of time. The district is located in the state of Minas Gerais, which is rich in the production of gemstones.

South America South Area

Musical presents gospel

RESISTENCIA, ARGENTINA - A musical evening presented here in San Nicolas, Rosario and Parana by the Doug and Janice Perry family was enjoyed by 2,000 members and some 400 non-members. In the musical, basic gospel principles were taught through song. some of the investigators who attended have already been baptized, acccording to missionaries in the Argentina Rosario mission where one of the Perry sons, Elder John D., recently completed a mission. the family came at the request of mission Pres. Guillermo Ricardo Pitarch.