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Ricks college enrollment reaches all-time high in ’88 fall semester

SHARE Ricks college enrollment reaches all-time high in ’88 fall semester

More students enrolled at Ricks college for the 1988 fall semester than any other time in the 100-year history of the two-year Church-sponsored school.

As Ricks celebrates its centennial, 7,694 students sugned up to attend classes this fall, 320 more than last year, said Jim Gee, assistant academic vice president for support servicesGee said this could be the largest the enrollment at the college would ever get because Ricks officials may place restrictions on the number of students attending the school in the future.

"We allowed everyone to come this year, and students registering late knew their classes would be limited," he said. "We encouraged them to take late afternoon and evening classes.

"The enrollment is much higher than we expected," he continued. "After school started we had 150 more students register. And fewer dropped than we had anticipated."

Though most of the students, nearly 3,000, come from idaho, the college also has students from all 50 states of the United States and 34 foreign countries. fifty-eight percent of the students are female and 42 percent are males. Freshman or first-year students represent 75 percent of the student body, which also is 99 percent Latter-day Saints.