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Have you ever been around someone who rubs off on you? No matter what kind of mood you are in, they can change it so that your mood fits theirs. It kind of makes you feel like you are out of control, but you don't mind because it's refreshing and exciting after all.

That's the best way to describe the Kenny Loggins concert Friday night. Refreshing, up-beat and exciting. There were electrical problems with the sound system and Loggins' guitar, but he showed right off that he was a talented musician and could improvise with what he had.That obviously amounted to a lot. Loggins gave everyone something to enjoy.

He started out with his most recent song, "Nobody's Fool" and continued to blast the crowd with a few of his latest rock and roll hits.

After everyone adjusted to the seat-shaking volume of the guitars, it was time to get into "This Is It" accompanied by a few of Loggins' groovy dance steps.

The singer showed how talented he really is when the vocal range in "Meet Me Half Way" seemed like it was no problem for him to reach. It was great to finally hear Loggins' voice and the crisp sound of the keyboards over the guitars and drums.

Loggins planned to continue with the pop workout and do a few songs off his recently released album "Back to Avalon," but electrical problems changed that. The crowd didn't seem to mind at all.

With his acoustic guitar in hand, Loggins made himself at home, sat on the edge of the stage and crooned to "Only a Miracle," a request from the audience during technical difficulties. The song was written for his first son, Crosby, and was performed with so much feeling that Loggins received a standing ovation.

At that point Loggins proved he was good and could stand on his own. He remained cool and improvised with no problem.

However, to keep pace with his act, which seemed to go from a ballad to a foot-tapping dance tune, Loggins performed "Back to Avalon" and then returned to "House on Pooh Corner," a mellow hit from his early days with Jim Messina.

Loggins' first hit from his solo career, "Celebrate Me Home," was definitely a highlight of the concert. The saxophone solo by band member Michael Palmer was great.

He ended the show back on beat with "I'm All Right," and "Danger Zone" from the movie "Top Gun." You would have thought Tom Cruise was on stage the way the girls screamed.

The excitement kept everyone on their feet for the rest of the concert and brought Loggins back on stage for two encores.

Loggins took advantage of the energy with "Footloose," but left everyone with a good feeling by ending the evening with the love song "Forever." What a guy.