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The scientific adviser to the archbishop of Turin said Tuesday that he was told laboratory tests show the Shroud of Turin was made in the 14th century and could not be the burial cloth of Christ.

Professor Luigi Gonella said he has not yet seen the official report from the three laboratories that conducted the carbon-14 dating tests, but that all the leaks to the press dated it to the 14th century and "somebody let me understand that the rumors were right.""All the leaks were too exact, too concentrated to be a pure invention," he said in a telephone interview from the archdiocese in Turin.

The shroud, 14 feet, 3 inches long and 3 feet, 7 inches wide, bears the faint, blood-stained image of a whipped and crucified man. Some have maintained the linen is the burial cloth of Christ, while others have dismissed it as a clever forgery.

Gonella refused to identify who had told him about the shroud.