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A grand jury has decided that Tawana Brawley, whose case brought allegations of a racist coverup, fabricated her story that she was gang raped by white men, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The special state grand jury found overwhelming evidence that the black, 16-year-old Wappinger Falls girl lied and helped create the condition in which she was found, the newspaper said.The grand jury heard more than 100 witnesses and viewed exhibits ranging from confidential medical and police reports to secretly taped telephone conversations, the newspaper reported.

The grand jury concluded that contrary to the teenager's claim that she was abducted on Nov. 24, she had chosen not to return home and hid for the next four days in a nearby apartment from which her family had recently been evicted, the Times said.

It said she, possibly with the help of an accomplice, smeared herself with dog feces, wrote racial slurs on her body, tore and scorched her clothes and crawled into a garbage bag and pretended to be in a traumatized daze, the newspaper said.

For weeks, she misled doctors, social workers, the police, reporters and concerned community people with medical complaints and false and fragmentary accounts of horror in the hands of racists, the Times said the grand jury concluded.

The grand jury speculated that she may have feared the wrath of her mother's boyfriend for her late nights out and that drugs and her relationships with shady characters may have played a role, the Times said.