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To the editor:

Even after dozens of neighborhood meetings around West Jordan, it is clear that many still do not understand the importance of the upcoming bond election.Some have argued that, because of the initiatives, this is not the year to set a bond vote before the people. West Jordan's City Council has ignored that politically-motivated advice because we believe our citizens are intelligent enough to separate the issues.

The road bond is the culmination of over two years of work by hundreds of volunteer citizens involved in laying out a plan for controlling and directing growth. If we do not act on their hours of work, their recommendations will end up just another lost and forgotten study.

Residents are concerned that West Jordan will continue to drift to its future and ignore opportunities to attract business and direct growth. Citizens want our town to grow sensibly without burdening them with higher taxes. They realize that without business development, it is inevitable that taxes on residences will rise. The bond will fund the widening of Redwood Road, 90th South, and 70th South, the core business district of West Jordan.

Our citizens committees have worked out a careful plan for investment in city infrastructure, and the council has funded that plan. Developers are already commenting on the change in attitude in West Jordan. Our citizens can now finish the job by passing the bond. Those voting for the bond are saying that they care about their future, that they are no longer apathetic, that they believe in our town and would rather change it than move.

Harvey P. Cahoon

West Jordan City Council