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A preliminary hearing scheduled in Richfield was continued Tuesday for two California men arrested on I-70 after more than $1.1 million was found in their truck during a traffic stop.

No new hearing date has been scheduled for Mark Budaska, 36, and Ken Lee Medlock, 40, both of Marina del Rey, Calif., according to their attorney, Kristine K. Smith of Salt Lake City.The defendants remained in the Sevier County Jail Wednesday morning in lieu of bail, even though 6th Circuit Judge David Mowers lowered bail for each of the men from $500,000 to $100,000.

Smith had requested the bail reduction as well as more time to ready her case. She said a decision on when to reschedule the preliminary hearing will likely be made by Thursday.

The men have been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, even though none of the drug was found in their truck when they were stopped Sept. 21 near Salina, Sevier County.

Smith said that Sevier County Attorney Don Brown indicated his office was considering dropping the possession charge.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper pulled the truck over because it did not have license plates. The trooper found the money hidden beneath a false bottom in the bed of the truck after getting permission to search it.

Brown had said that the case is "breaking new ground," but has declined to elaborate on what evidence he is using to prosecute the charges other than to acknowledge that police dogs trained to sniff out drugs responded to the money.