A Syracuse man convicted on one drug charge but acquitted of a second one last week faces a new trial Oct. 12 on two other drug-related charges and one count of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Lane C. Stromberg, 36, 1487 S. 1250 West, was convicted Thursday in 2nd District Court of one count of possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, a third-degree felony.The jury found him not guilty of possession with intent to distribute of three pounds of cocaine discovered in a cooler in his garage by law officers during a search of Stromberg's home on May 19. That charge, because of the amount of cocaine seized and its proximity to the school, was a first-degree felony carrying a prison term of five years to life.

Stromberg is scheduled for sentencing on the marijuana charge on Oct. 25, facing a prison term of zero to five years and fine of up to $5,000.

Two other drug counts, charging him with failure to affix a state tax revenue stamp to the marijuana and cocaine, were also filed but were separated from the first two charges.

The unlawful sexual intercourse charge, which prosecutors said involves sexual relations with a girl under 16, was also ordered to be tried separately.

Defense attorney Dave Knowlton told Judge Rodney S. Page Tuesday he will file a motion within 10 days for dismissal of the cocaine tax-stamp charge since the jury found Stromberg not guilty of its possession.

Stromberg is free on bond pending his Oct. 12 trial on the tax-stamp and sexual-intercourse charges and his Oct. 25 sentencing on the marijuana conviction.