A doctor on duty at the Olympic drug-testing center the day Ben Johnson won the 100-meter dash said Thursday the Canadian sprinter told him he had taken three drugs while rehabilitating from an injury - one a form of steroid.

The doctor, however, denied reports Johnson had told him he had taken the anabolic steroid that later caused him to be stripped of his gold medal and banned from the Olympics.Lee In Joon, a doctor working in the drug-testing center at the Olympic track and field site, said he talked to Johnson while the sprinter was taking his post-race test.

Three days later the International Olympic Committee announced Johnson failed his drug test and he had forfeited his medal.

"Johnson never admitted that he had any kind of drugs totally banned by the IOC," Lee said.

Instead, Lee said, Johnson told him he had taken drugs that helped him recover from a hamstring pull in May. Lee said Johnson told him one of those drugs was a form of steroid sanctioned by the IOC.

Since the incident, Johnson's manager denied Johnson used the anabolic steroid the IOC tests uncovered. The agent, Larry Heidebrecht, suggested that Johnson's water bottle was tampered with.

The doctor's revelation came as an eighth athlete, a weightlifter, was suspended from the Games for a positive drug test.

The IOC Thursday stripped a silver medal from Hungarian weightlifter Andor Szanyi for failing his drug test. The IOC said Szanyi had tested positive for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol, the same substance detected in the urine of Johnson.