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Enrollment is up slightly from predictions in the Salt Lake School District, while numbers in the Granite School District will be right on target with estimates.

The unofficial head count in the Salt Lake School District is 23,174. That is 214 students more than was estimated for Oct. 1, the day when enrollment will be officially taken for accreditation, said Assistant Superintendent Mary Jean Johnson.In Granite, the district predicted total enrollment at 75,724. The first week attendance hit 75,145, said administrative assistant Kent Gardner, but the number is expected to continue growing throughout September.

Gardner said if the numbers reach the anticipated level, no teacher layoffs will be necessary to match student needs.

Granite officials had feared a shortfall in student numbers, which are the basis for state financial assistance, when year-round enrollment fell short of estimates.

Johnson reported Salt Lake's current enrollment as 5,568 in the high schools or 108 more than the estimated 5,460; 3,144 in intermediate schools or 90 more than the estimate; and 14,482 in elementary schools or 20 more than the estimate.

In the high schools, there are 1,998 at East, 1,960 at Highland and 1,550 at West. West also has 105 students in the Extended Learning Program.