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Orem City Councilman Paul Washburn Tuesday resigned from the council and Jim Evans has been appointed to serve the remainder of Washburn's term.

Washburn has accepted a job transfer that will send him to Missoula, Mont. Before accepting his resignation, council members praised Washburn's integrity, commitment and hard work on behalf of Orem."We will always remember Paul for the courage of his convictions," Mayor Blaine Willes said. "He tried hard to persuade others to his point of view, but was always eager to work with whatever decisions were made."

Washburn said his 21/2 years on the council were "one of the choicest experiences of my life. I don't know of anything besides my marriage that could be so satisfying.

Washburn joined his wife and three children in the audience, and the council turned to the matter of his replacement. Evans, who narrowly lost a bid for a council seat in 1987, was approved unanimously.

"I understand the responsibilities of the job and appreciate the council's vote of confidence," Evans said. Evans works for the state job-training office, studying and reporting on job-related issues.

Evans will be sworn into office Sept. 13.