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SENATE:SB70 (Holmgren) - Allows repurchase of equipment from dealers at or near invoice price under certain conditions.

SB71 (Cornaby) - Changes the grounds for denial or revocation of police officer certification.

SB72 (Holmgren) - Helps the state recover medical payments.

SB73 (C.A. Peterson) - Allows the state treasurer to issue revenue bonds to buy back bonds held by various state water agencies.

SB74 (Tempest) - Partially exempts the purchase of mobile homes from sales tax.

SB75 (Tempest) - Defines registration of experimental aircraft.

SB76 (Money) - Reduces the sales tax rate.

SB77 (Pace) - Sets up a Utah Lake Authority Board, its duties and responsibilities.

SB78 (Carling) - Clarifies government immunity as it applies to transit districts.

SB79 (Rees) - Institutes federally required sanctions for violating Medicaid rules.

SB80 (Carling) - Exempts from sales tax tangible personal property shipped outside the state.

SB81 (Carling) - Details when and how a plea in a criminal case can be withdrawn.

SB82 (Finlinson) - Authorizes $50-million in bonding for water projects.

SB83 (Finlinson) - Requires police officers to give the Department of Public Safety all information involving vehicle accidents.

SB84 (Carling) - Revises the investment authority of public treasurers.

SJR2 (C.E. Peterson) - Joint rules resolution.

SR1 (C.E. Peterson) - Senate rules resolution.

SR2 (Cornaby) - Creates a retirement standing committee.