The dust may be settling in earthquake-stricken Russian Armenia, but there is still need for support, a Provo resident of Armenian descent says.

Dr. Nephi Kezerian, a Provo physician and a representative of the Armenian Genealogical Society, recently asked the City Council to consider a resolution supporting contributions to Armenia.At this week's meeting, Mayor Joe Jenkins read the resolution encouraging people to donate funds to their church, the Red Cross or any other legitimate organization that provides disaster relief.

"Due to the large volumes of clothing, equipment and personnel that have arrived there, it appears that the greatest need at present is for money," Jenkins said. "We encourage people whose means and interests allow to take whatever measures their conscience dictates in this humanitarian cause."

Kezerian said, "This earthquake could well be the worst earthquake ever. It will take $2 billion to $3 billion for restoration."

Those people interested in helping the Armenian Genealogical Society can also contribute funds not designated for disaster relief, but for researching family records for the Armenian people. The society is a tax-exempt organization with the limited goal of obtaining family records, Kezerian said.