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Genelda, Boom Boom, Nelly Belly, Chanel No. 5 or Gigantor. No matter what you prefer to call her, the Genelle Larsen package amounts to a lot of fun and laughs for the Deseret News' Utah County bureau.

As the self-proclaimed driving force behind the bureau's operations, or at least the provider of an occasional inside scoop, Larsen says working at the Deseret News is the next best thing to a dark chocolate Haagen-Daz bar with, of course, chocolate ice cream inside.

Larsen has come a long way during her four years at the News. She was hired in 1984 as the office secretary and was said to be the "right type of person to handle the different reporter personalities."

These "personalities" have managed to give Larsen thick skin.

"The second or third day I was working here they found out I had once wanted to become a roller derby queen, so they nicknamed me Boom Boom Larsen."

Coming to work also took on new meaning for Larsen. Often, she would arrive at the office to find chairs stacked to the ceiling on her desk. Another time her desk had been covered with papier-mache.

"The staff is always playing jokes on me. I've had to deal with a lot of teasing, but working at the Deseret News is continually funny. Every day new things happen, and it makes it exciting to work here."

In addition to other duties, Larsen manages to type in press releases and cover a small beat on the side as a staff writer. She has done stories on Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and the Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce, and she now covers Provo's Freedom Festival, the United Way and day police calls.

Through her work she has interviewed such famous people as Bob Hope and Rich Little.

Larsen is the first person most people see when they walk into the bureau. Her friendly personality makes even the mail carrier feel comfortable.

"My job is to keep good public relations. I sometimes take on the role of a circulation office employee, ombudsman, journalist and (when there is time) a secretary."

Larsen sees her main job, however, as promoting the Utah County Bureau and assisting the community. "We do provide local news, advertisements and obituaries, and are located in downtown Provo."

Genelle is 32 but still prefers to be called a girl. She was born in Santa Monica, Calif., as the fifth of six children (the reason for Chanel No. 5).

When she is not out chasing men, she likes to spend her spare time in the mall. When she can get some time off, she likes to travel. Her next excursion will be to London at the end of the month.

Larsen is active in community service. She is on the Boy Scout National Parks Council, the Boy Scouts Literacy Board and is a resident chairwoman for the Utah County District of the American Cancer Society. She is also active in her church and works with youths.

"What can you say about Boom Boom? She does it all," Utah County Bureau Chief Michael Morris said. "Just like Mark Eaton."