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Talk about whether the Heritage Mountain Resort ever will materialize can be put to rest. There is no more Heritage Mountain. The resort's new owners have renamed the park to Seven Peaks Resort.

The new name is similar to the original name, Seven Mountains, considered as a possible title by developers almost 20 years ago.Resort owners Victor and Suzanne Borcherds say the new name creates an image they have been looking for.

"Seven Peaks gives an impression of highness and largeness," Suzanne Borcherds said. "Heritage Mountain was such an albatross. Developers have been trying to get something going for many years. Now the water park is half built. We mean business."

She said a new logo is intended to tie the water park, hotel and ski area together as part of total resort complex.

The resort is to consist of the water park, scheduled to open May 27, the Excelsior Hotel, and a ski resort featuring a funicular transportation system. Construction on the ski resort will begin as soon as Forest Service permits are obtained. Kent Compton, director of planning for Seven Peaks Ski Resort, said that will most likely be in August.

The wave pool and children's pool are already complete at Seven Peaks Water Park. Paul Mix, general manager of the park, said it will be Utah's largest water park with seven slides, a lazy river and the largest wave pool in the state. The 18,000-square-foot wave pool features 18 different wave patterns.

The lazy river is 10 feet wide and 31/2 feet deep, is heated and offers a mild ride that goes for almost half a mile. The park will have an aqua twist slide - two tubes that overlap and twist around each other - a free fall slide that drops 75 feet, a 71/2 foot slide that is wider so friends can go down together, and several serpentine slides and speed slides.

The adult pool will have three spas in it, and a rope swing and lilly-pad walk to follow the water park theme of Tom Sawyer days. The children's pool will have several children's activities as well.

All day-all area passes for those 10 and over will cost $9.95 and $7.95 for ages 4 to 9. Toddlers and senior citizens passes are free. After 5 p.m. the passes will cost $5. Group discounts are also available. The park will be open from 10:30 a.m. to dusk during the summer.

Seven Peaks Ski Resort will share parking with the water park. The ski area will feature a funicular capable of moving 4,000 people per hour to an altitude of 7,700 feet. There will be five lifts at the top of the mountain with 295 acres of developed ski runs. Expansion will continue as the market develops, Compton said.

The Excelsior Hotel at Seven Peaks Resort will also undergo some remodeling as part of the development plans. Mrs. Borcherds said the restaurant will be completely remodeled to seat 212 people. It will feature a hot and cold bar buffet. A private club lounge will also be added.

Guest rooms will be upgraded with new bedspreads, basins and draperies. The health club facilities will also be remodeled. The swimming pool will be enclosed, changing rooms will upgraded and a sauna added. Mrs. Borcherds said they also plan to add a day care center, beauty salon and travel agency.

To give more visibility, a sign will also be installed on the top of the hotel.

The Borcherds officially purchased the hotel last month for $5.5 million. The 35.5 acres at the Heritage Mountain Resort, at 1450 E. Third North, was purchased in July for $265,942.

Borcherds' business is to take companies through Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and reorganize them for recovery.