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Senate bills introduced:

SB164 (Nielsen) - Changes the definition of independent contractor in the Employment Security Act.SB165 (McMullin) - Requires a criminal penalty for certain telephone computer solicitations.

SB166 (Leavitt) - Makes numerous changes in regards to foreign insurance.

SJR9 (C.G. Peterson) - Commends Primary Children's Hospital for its Pennies By The Inch program.

SJR10 (Steele) - Expresses concern over child sexual abuse and encourages law enforcement to prosecute such crimes.

SCR5 (C.G. Peterson) - Expresses condolences to the families of Ted Bundy's victims and commends Utah's law officers for their part in catching Bundy.

House bills introduced:

HB231 (Hull) - Requires smoke detectors in dwellings.

HB232 (Harward) - Provides for the filing of notices of federal liens with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code or county recorders, for duties of filing officers and for filing fees.

HB233 (Christensen) - Amends provisions for the preferred employment of veterans.

HB234 (Frandsen) - Provides for a state council for at-risk children and youth, and for pilot programs proposed by local community committees.

HB235 (Brown) - Enlarges defined ethical boundaries for public and municipal employees and officers and provides increased criminal penalities for violations.

HB236 (Evans) - Exempts intrastate railway fares from sales tax.

HR8 (Rose) - Honors Eleanor Kay Simpson for her years of service as a house messenger and her diligent work on behalf of the state and her community despite numerous bouts with cancer.

HR9 (Bishop) - Eliminates the Retirement Standing Committee of the House.