A 41-year-old Northern California man charged with being part of a three-state cocaine distribution ring appeared Thursday before a Utah federal magistrate on charges of violating federal drug laws.

John David Garrish, 41, Sunset Beach, Calif., made his initial appearance before Magistrate Calvin Gould, who scheduled a Friday detention hearing. Federal agents said they would seek a $400,000 bail for Garrish.FBI agents arrested Garrish on Wednesday in Park City, where he had been living recently, said FBI spokesman Cal Clegg.

Clegg said the man refused to talk or tell agents how long he'd been living in Park City.

Garrish is among 23 people charged Dec. 7, 1988, in California in a 132-count indictment alleging they operated a continuing criminal enterprise.

The defendants also were charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and illegal use of communication facilities, Clegg said.