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Editor's Note: You may have noticed Howard and Martha around town. Creations of the Urban Design Coalition, Howard and Martha and their dog Skippy are sort of the city's conscience, carrying on a dialogue about downtown problems and successes, and about what local citizens can do to have "a voice in the choice." The plywood couple, made vocal through a tape recorder located at their feet, will be moved to various locations in the months ahead. This week they were seen downtown and were overheard to remark:

Howard: It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful than this valley, Martha.Martha: Where else can you find a big city so convenient to all the recreation you'd ever want?

Howard: We just have to be very careful, Martha.

Martha: what do you mean, Howard?

Howard: We've got to make sure we stay involved so that the city fathers keep this Salt Lake City, not New York City.

Martha: The people of Salt Lake aren't going to let politicians or developers ruin their mountains or their city. You can count on that.

Skippy: Woof.