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Utah industrialist Jon M. Huntsman was listed among the nation's richest individuals for the first time, joining other Utahns James L. Sorensen and L.S. Skaggs in Forbes magazine's list of America's 400 wealthiest people.

The 52-year-old chairman and chief executive of Huntsman Chemical Co. was ranked 193rd, with wealth estimated at $450 million made from his worldwide plastics manufacturing business.But Sorensen, 68, founder of Sorenson Research, came out the wealthiest Utahn ranked 187th with a fortune of $466 million from his medical device company. A regular to the list, Skaggs, chairman of American Stores and worth $430 million, was ranked 218th.

The Marriotts - matriarch Alice Sheets and her sons J. Willard Jr. and Richard Edwin - shared the 178th ranking listed with fortunes of $466 million each. The Marriotts are not current residents of Utah, but are nonetheless well-known and generous benefactors to the state.

Metromedia Co. Chairman John Werner Kluge backed into the top spot with estimated wealth of $5.2 billion, according to Associated Press.

Kluge displaced Sam Walton, head of the Wal-Mart stores discount chain, who divvied his $9 billion fortune among himself and his four children and ended a four-year reign as Forbes's wealthiest person.

Among other notables on the list, developer Donald Trump compounded his already considerable fortune and financiers Michael Milken and Carl Icahn joined the billionaires club.

Overall, Forbes' richest are worth an estimated total of about $269 billion, up nearly $50 billion from the previous year, a 22 percent increase that substantially outpaced last year's 4.4 percent inflation rate.

By comparison, the total wealth of the richest would come just short of bailing out the nation's failed savings and loans over the next 30 years, the cost of which was estimated by Congress at $285 billion.

The list, released Monday, appears in the Oct. 23 edition of Forbes and is based on estimated holdings as of Sept. 8.

The average member of Forbes' ultra-rich was a 63-year-old male with 3.1 children working on his 1.4th marriage with a net worth of $672 million last year, more than the gross national product of Lesotho, Forbes stated.

For the richest, the past year has been a very good one, and many of the wealthy rebounded nicely from the October 1987 stock market crash.

The number of billionaires increased to 66 from 51. The minimum net worth to make the list rose to $275 million from $225 million.