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Alta View Hospital

CLAYTON, Larry and Lori, Salt Lake City, boy.

LARSON, Ronald and Lenna, South Jordan, girl.

PRESTWICH, John and Maria, Murray, girl.

WINN, Steve and MaryAnn, West Jordan, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BATEMAN, Randy and Tracie, Lehi, girl.

EGAN, Mark H., and Marianne J., Salt Lake City, twins, girl and boy.

GREEN, Robert and Anita L., Salt Lake City, boy.

HICKEY, Glenn S., and Laura A., Salt Lake City, girl.

HINCKLEY, Hugh D., and Trace L., Salt Lake City, girl.

PULLEY, Keefe C., and Lisa P., Sandy, boy.

ROTH, David L., and Lisa C., Salt Lake City, boy.

RYBERG, Robert and Kristin A., Salt Lake City, twin boys.

SHIELDS, Kenneth and Jennifer, Salt Lake City, boy.

YOUNG, Rick W., and Sheri, Bluffdale, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

HAVILI, Tevita and Elva, girl.

PITTS, Cliff and Christie, boy.

SCHROEDER, Steve and Lori, girl.

VANDEGRAFF, John Patrick and Michelle, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BALMFORTH, Todd and Jacquelin, girl.

CANTIL, Triscilo and Kristin, girl.

CHANEY, Jeff and Jodi, girl.

COOK, Ronald and LynMarie, boy.

FARR, Kendall and Cheryl, boy.

FELT, George and Debra, girl.

HARRIS, Michael and Vicky, girl.

HOLMAN, Kevin and Christianna, girl.

LARSEN, Scott and Lee Ann, boy.

MCNABB, Scott and Jackie, girl.

MONTAGUE, Corlas and Deisie, girl.

PATTERSON, Ryan and Marianne, boy.

PETERSON, Michael and Heather, girl.

PIPPY, Jerry and WenDee, boy.

THOMAS, Gary and Lori, girl.

WHITCHURCH, Ray and Julie, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

FARR, Terry and Dianne, Sandy, boy.

PROWS, Brent and Nora, Magna, girl.

SHISSLETT, Jeffery and Patricia, Murray, girl.

University Medical Center-

AUSTIN, Barry and Julie, boy.

HOSKEN, Britt and Linda, girl.