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The partial remains of a woman found near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport almost certainly are those of the 49th victim of the elusive Green River killer, the head of a police task force said.

A skull and partial skeleton found in a brushy area were identified by the King County Medical Examiner's Office late Wednesday as Andrea Marion Childers, 19, who was reported missing in April 1983.Capt. Robert Evans, head of the task force investigating the longest unsolved serial murder case in the nation, said he was convinced Childers was a victim of the Green River killer.

"I don't think there is any question," Evans said.

Evans said there was little doubt Childers was a victim of the killer "when you consider her age, the area that she was found in, the time she disappeared and a lot of other things."

The killer has been blamed for the slayings of 40 women and the disappearances of eight others.

Most of the victims' remains have been found clumped in wooded or secluded sites around King County.

Three victims, Constance Naon, 20, Seattle; Kelly Marie Ware, 24, Bothell; and Mary Bridgett Meehn, 19, Seattle; were discovered in October and November of 1983 less than 100 yards away from where Childers' remains were found.