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At the Utah Education Association Convention, teachers who were asked, "What's the one thing you would change about Utah education?" responded:#1

"Just one? I think the biggest frustration I have is the large amount of kids. It's so hard to work with kids when you have 33 in one classroom." - Karla Burkhart, first-grade teacher at Peruvian Park Elementary School.


"No. 1 is class size, then supplies. Then a little more in my pocket would be nice." - Kenneth Hawkins, math and computer teacher at Hurricane Middle School.


"Money, of course, in every direction. I don't think we're asking for money just for teachers, but to benefit the students." - Becky Martin, a junior majoring in special education at Utah State University.


"I guess to me it would be the way that people perceive education in Utah. I would like people to perceive teachers do care about the students." - Barbara Argyle, Fremont Elementary, Davis District.


"Reduce class size. Near impossible, but it would have more impact than anything." - Craig Ruesch, Northwest Intermediate School, Salt Lake District.


"More money for materials and things like that. I think the most critical shortage that we see in the classroom is materials and textbooks." - Laron Woods, special education teacher, West Elementary School, Tooele District.