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The University of Utah Women's Resource Center has the potential to be "one of the most exciting women's centers in the country," contends the center's new director.

Kathryn H. Brooks, who recently took over as director, says the center's first focus will be the U. campus where she foresees it being "very involved in promoting student, faculty and staff connections."The former director of the University of New Mexico Women's Center, Brooks wants to focus on directions the students' lives can take after they leave campus.

"I want to have informal sessions for women about careers, women's lives in the work force, marriage, children, financial management and going from student poverty to the first paycheck," she said.

She also hopes to sponsor discussion groups at which faculty can present their research related to women's issues; to help University women enter various community and business structures; and to honor female University graduates and other Utah women for outstanding achievements or significant contributions to the community.

Longstanding Women's Resource Center programs that have become such an integral part of student and community life will continue, she said.

Brooks received her bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Colorado and master's degree in guidance and counseling from the University of New Mexico.

She had been director at the New Mexico center since 1979. While there, she staged programs ranging from large lectures and workshops open to the whole campus to intimate focus and discussion groups, and chaired a committee that established campus sexual harassment guidelines.

In the late 1970s, she directed a math anxiety project at California State University at Fresno. She was also an instructor in women's studies at Fresno.

Brooks is a former board president for a battered women's shelter in Albuquerque and was a leader in staging three governor's conferences on women's career development in New Mexico.